Parker & Florida Public Library

Parker & Florida Public Library
Arapahoe County, Colorado

Working with Bennett Wagner & Grody Architects, Brown Civil Engineering was retained as civil engineers for a new Library Building in the Four Square Mile neighborhood, at the corner of Parker Road (SH-83) and E. Florida Avenue in unincorporated Arapahoe County.

The 16,000 gsf building includes a partial basement and an attached public use Community Room.  The development required a full replat of the lot as well as approval of the County Location & Extent (L&E) process.

Site improvements to the 3.5 acre infill property included:

  • parking lot and sidewalks
  • two access drives onto adjacent public streets
  • site re-grading
  • water main extension
  • two new fire hydrants and associated easement processed through the Denver Water Department, were required to meet fire flow requirements.

Extensive drainage design was necessitated to obtain approval for a small trans-basin diversion, thereby avoiding construction of an additional detention pond.

Development was complicated due to the number of jurisdictions having authority of this prominent site.  South Parker Road is a state highway, and CDOT criteria required the design and approval of a dedicated right turn lane.  E. Florida Avenue, an Arapahoe County street, also required the dedication of additional ROW and design of an additional lane.  The newly-formed South East Metro Storm Water Authority (SEMSWA) shares jurisdiction with Arapahoe County for drainage design and stormwater quality approval, under the County Grading and Erosion Control (GESC) Permit process.

Both water and sewer services are provided by Cherry Creek Valley District, as a master distributor for Denver Water Department.  Brown Civil Engineering maintained close and effective properties coordination with each of these varied approval entities, coordinating reviews and meeting the requirements of each.