Kit Carson Correctional Center Expansion

Kit Carson Correctional Center Expansion
Burlington, Colorado

Brown Civil Engineering teamed with project architect DLR Group, to provide all civil engineering services for the 40 acre, 750 bed expansion to the original 950 bed facility, on which Brown also performed civil engineering design.

Civil engineering design services included new 10 inch potable water main extension and separate 12” fire protection main extension.  Sanitary sewer design included a new pretreatment facility incorporating grinder facilities for both the new and existing buildings and a new sanitary sewer lift station.  Separate fire access and patrol roads were designed internal to the perimeter fences.

Original design included new public water main extension which crossed Interstate Highway 70, design of an elevated water tank providing both fire and domestic water service to the facility, 2,800 linear feet of private sanitary sewer, a private sanitary sewer lift station, and public sanitary sewer extension with 2,550 linear feet of 8” force main and 900 linear feet of 18” gravity flow sewer main.

Drainage calculations and preparation of a storm water management plan were also included.  Brown Civil Engineering also provided periodic construction observation services for the project.  Construction was completed in 2008.