DPS Swansea Elementary School

Brown Civil Engineering (BCE) was retained by the project architect to provide all civil engineering services for a major multi-phase revision to the Denver Public Schools (DPS) campus for Swansea Elementary School.  The school is located in the historic Elyria Swansea neighborhood and is being impacted by the CDOT Central 70 Project to widen and underground portions of I-70 through this neighborhood.

BCE’s services include preparation of the school site for this impending project, including a major site revision to accommodate school parking and play areas while the Central 70 temporarily impacts nearly one-third of the school property, and the school remains in operation.

BCE worked closely with Denver Development Services, CDOT and utility providers to vacate Elizabeth Street and existing utilities, and design right of way (ROW) improvements.  ROW improvements include new and modified bus lanes along 47th Ave and Columbine Street under the Denver Transportation Engineering Plan process, to enable DPS buses to continue servicing those students.  Denver Water plans were prepared for a relocated 3″ water meter and new fire service while maintaining safe operation of the school.   Phases 1 & 2, including right of way and public utility improvements have been completed.

Phase 3 was largely a site infrastructure project.  Construction occurred during the short 2018 summer break for students.  Multiple site subcontractors were coordinated and construction problems were addressed quickly in order to keep the project on its tight schedule. Sufficient facilities were readied for students and the Fall 2018 school term began on time, despite a 2-week delay to mitigate potentially contaminated soils discovered during the construction.  During Phase 3 BCE assumed the primary role of providing construction management as well as close coordination with CDOT and their development partner, KMP, to ensure the construction proceeded smoothly, without delaying the opening of school in August.