DPS Stapleton Park St School 1

Brown Civil Engineering (BCE) was retained by the project architect to provide all civil engineering services for a new ECE-8 school and campus for Denver Public Schools (DPS) as part of the Stapleton redevelopment.  BCE prepared design documents for all civil infrastructure, including grading & drainage, sanitary sewer service, parking and access drives, water & fire services, and right-of-way improvements. 

Close coordination was required both within the design team and also with the designers of the surrounding neighborhood to obtain all the required Denver site approvals and to provide accurate construction documents.  The limited number of site-related RFIs and ASIs during construction were a testament to the success of this coordination effort during the design.  

BCE worked with Denver Development Services to obtain approval of utilities and design right of way (ROW) improvements on a timely basis, due the accelerated design schedule demanded by DPS.  The ROW improvements were approved through the Denver Transportation Engineering Plan process, to provide for DPS bus services, site access and walks along the adjacent surrounding roads. 

Plans were processed and approved through Denver Water for an onsite water main loop, 8” fire service and water services (both 4” domestic and 4” irrigation meters).  Site grading and storm drainage design were approved under the Denver SSPR process to provide inlets and piping which connected into the public storm system in the streets.  A private sanitary sewer main extension, required to serve the different wings of the building, was also approved under the Denver SSPR process.  Erosion and sedimentation control during the 14-month construction period were approved under both a Denver and State of Colorado Construction Activities Stormwater Discharge Permit. 

Construction was completed on schedule, in time for the school to open to students for the Fall 2018 session.